Stripes Collection Cowl

Stripes Collection Cowl


Sometimes you need a cowl or scarf that is so voluptuous that you feel like you’re swimming in merino wool or cotton…

This one is for those days when you want a simple, plain, extra cosy layer that can easily be folded into your tote or laptop bag. Everyone needs something like this, it’s a simple ‘slip it on and not have to fuss’ cosy!

Included in this product you will find the pattern:

Stripes Collection Cowl Pattern, Adult

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Let’s take a look at the details: 

Just to be clear, this listing is for the pattern only, not the finished items.

Each pattern is presented in English, with UK English knitting terms. Where necessary, in these beginner patterns, I have explained further to prevent confusion with UK/US knitting traditions.

This is an ad-free, printable, pdf download.

Stripes Collection Cowl, adult

Who is this for?

This pattern is ideal for you if you can already knit, the pattern is easy to read and is a great opportunity to explore different chunky yarns. It’s comfortable and warm and if keeping a scarf around your neck without it falling down, becoming untied or getting stuck in the car door is something you’d rather pass on, then this short, cosy cowl is for you.

Why buy from me?

I teach knitting and understand that knitting skills need to be taught and practiced within niches so they can become easier and more automatic.

I don’t ask you to expand beyond a certain threshold of knitting skills when I create pattern bundles. You can guarantee that when I give these a title and focus on a skillset and knowledge level you will not be asked to go beyond those expectations.

Skill Level

This pattern is suitable for beginner knitters. Other than the stitch pattern, you’ll be using beginners skills.

A set of videos to knit through this Stripes collection is available to buy in the Knit With Hannah Weekend Workshops,

Secret knitting jargon is included, but only when absolutely necessary!

And full, written, abbreviation support is given with each pattern.



What supplies will I need to knit these items?

These items use chunky/bulky yarn with 5.5mm &6.5mm needles.

You will need 3x 50g for the cowl

The photos show a single ply chunky yarn, Peru Naturals by Sirdar which is discontinued.

Alternatives include Rico Creative Melange, Adriafil Mistero, or King Cole Venice Chunky




Who designed these patterns?

I designed these patterns, they are copyrighted:

©2017 Knit With Hannah.

They are intended for your own personal use, not for commercial sales.

If you would like to sell your finished items, please contact me for information about a seller’s licence. (email details below)

How will I receive my patterns?

Your patterns will be delivered by automated email, after payment. There should be no more than 20 mins delay. Usually delivery will be within 3-5 mins.

Please check your promotions/trash folders and be aware that some email service providers will take longer to filter and deliver emails with links and/or attachments(as these will have) than others.

Is there a returns policy?

Returns are not accepted, due to the nature of the pdf delivery. Please let me know within 7 days of purchase if you have queries regarding the delivered patterns.

Checkout is a 2-step process, so you will be aware that purchase is completing and you have time to decide whether these patterns are suitable for your needs.

What if I can’t knit these items?

If you are struggling to knit the items please refer to the video support that is available for free, here on my blog.

I also offer step-by-step guided video support for beginner knitters in some of my courses. These are  available to purchase at

I am more than happy to answer any further questions that you might have about these patterns. You can send your queries, including those about seller’s licence to me at


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