Knitty Notebook Collection

Knitty Notebook Collection


Are you a knitter who spends money on yarn and never knits with it, who chooses new patterns but ends up with unfinished knitting projects sitting with your yarn stash?
Planning knits, so you’re not caught out by ‘bright shiny pattern syndrome’, and reviewing the yarns and knits that you’ve knitted before are ideal tools to keep you on track and knitting what you love.

Once you know what you’re knitting the yarn tracker and pattern guides are like bullet journal habit trackers. You’ll consistently find that you’re inspired and motivated to pick up your knitting and note in your journal that you did knit today and you reached another mini-goal!

You know already how relaxing and supportive knitting can be, it really does spark joy! Let these notebooks help you embrace your love of knitting even more.

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Let’s take a look at the details:

In this collection you’ll receive four notebooks, one from each of the titles,

Knitting Planner, Knitting Review, Knitting Pattern Guides and Knitted Yarn Tracker.

Each notebook is created from 100% recycled and non-bleached paper and card.

Measuring (140mm x 210mm) 5.8”x 8.3”, it’s approximately the size of A5.
Each one is created from A4 paper and trimmed slightly once stapled and folded.
You’ll find enough knitting planner pages, pattern guides, yarn trackers and review note pages for 20 projects.
These notebooks are made in limited edition batches, so once they’re gone they’re likely to be unavailable for weeks or months.

What is a knitting notebook?

In this collection you’ll find four notebooks.

Knitting Planner, Knitting Review, Knitting Pattern Guides and Knitted Yarn Tracker.

All are suitable for for any stage of knitter.
The Knitting Planners are created to help you decide on your next knitting projects. If you struggle to decide on what to knit next, have lots of WIPS or UFOs stacked up waiting to be finished, you need a strategy to set up your patterns and yarns for the next few weeks and months. There are lots of questions listed to help you decide on your inspiration, who you’re knitting for, what you’re knitting and which of your favourite yarns you might choose.

A Pattern Guide Notebook is especially for those who want to keep track of what they’re knitting. It’s ideal for those who like habit trackers, bullet journals or who struggle to finish knits when started. Writing down goals and taking notes while you’re knitting will help you finish projects more often.

The Knit With Hannah yarn trackers are created to help you record and calculate how many yards or metres you knit through projects.
You’ll have space to fill in the details of what you’re knitting, the yarn specifications, and there’s a guide to doing the simple mathematics needed to find out how much yarn you’ve used over full and partial balls or skeins.

Reviewing your last few projects, with the Knitting Review notebook is like adding a touch of KonMari to your knitting!
You can assess what you’ve been knitting over as many as 20 knits. You’ll be able to remind yourself about which yarns to reuse or avoid and which designers you love and which patterns to knit again and again.

Who is this for?

The knitting notebooks are ideal for any stage of knitter. Planning and tracking your knitting projects will give many benefits, from saving money on yarn and patterns you won’t finish, to building motivation and working through current projects with more  enthusiasm.

These are ideal for those who like habit trackers, bullet journals or who are looking for another motivation tool. There’s also lots of space for taking notes when you find inspirational patterns, yarns or courses  so you’re ready to fill in your next plan.

Why buy from me?

I teach knitting and know that planning and tracking knitting can be a big support in the learning process.

I’m also someone who has been artistic and creative all my life… these notebooks are designed and handmade by me, they’re cute and colourful- you’re going to love using this to support your knitting.



Where will you send these notebooks?

Currently these notebooks are available within the UK only.
Please note if you are in the Channel Islands, delivery will likely take longer due to customs rules.

How many items will this notebook cover?
The notebooks cover 20 items.

Who designed these notebooks?
I designed these notebooks, they are copyrighted: 

©2019 Knit With Hannah.

They are intended for your own personal use, not for commercial sales, copying or redistributing.

How will I receive my notebook?

Your notebooks will be delivered by mail, after payment. Despatch will be within 48 hours of payment confirmation and you should receive your notebooks within 3-5 days. 

Is there a returns policy?

Please let me know within 7 days of purchase if you have queries regarding the ordered and/or delivered notebooks.

I am more than happy to answer any further questions that you might have about these notebooks. You can send your queries, to me at


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